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SunSmart Hydro 520 Solar Power Pool Pump

Large pools and strata sustainability suited


• 72V DC operation
• 1200W 3 phase DC motor
• 520L/Min max flow rate
• 19m max head
• 55°C max water temp
• Solar operation ~ 1500-3600W
• High Powered Controller
• 5-year warranty* – High life expectancy


See working video:

SunSmart Hydro 520 Solar Powered Pool Pump

SKU: SP520
  • Run your pool pump 100% free!
    By combining your ultra-efficient SunSmart solar power pool pump with solar panels, you can run your pool pump off-grid, meaning no mains connection and zero electricity bills!

    SumSmart pool pump runs off direct DC connection for higher efficiency.
    Attaching solar panels to regular mains-powered AC (Alternating Current) appliances requires installing an inverter, which transforms the DC (Direct Current) produced by the panels into AC, which your regular appliances use. The losses through an inverter are typically 20%, and the inefficiencies of an AC motor are around 30%

    However, SunSmart solar power pool pumps already run on DC, so there is no need for an inverter. The clean DC energy feeds straight into the pump, where the MPPT controller regulates its exact speed and flow rate to maximise efficiency.
    What this means for you is less expensive parts, easier installation, and less power loss between the panels and the actual motor inside the pump. The DC motors used in the SunSmart range of solar power pool pumps are multi-pole 3 phase motors with a remarkable 96% efficiency.

    Smart controller for optimal speed
    Our pumps each come with intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) controllers, which vary the pumping speed and power consumption according to the amount of sunlight and the amount of work the pump needs to do.
    This innovative system improves power generation by up to 30%, and enables the pump to work well, even on cloudy days.

    DIY, or receive a rebate for professional installation
    As our smaller pump and panel systems are classed as ELV (Extra Low Voltage) appliances, you don’t need an electrical licence to install them, so if you or someone you know wants to perform a DIY installation, no problem!

    The government also provides rebates on any solar panels installed by qualified Clean Energy Council certified technicians. If you’d like to save around $180 per installed panel, we have qualified technicians to install them for you!

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