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Solar Power Company Sydney





Unlike many other solar companies 100Powerlink have our own in-house electrician and solar installer to provide end to end services. Many solar companies are sales organisations that buy products and then try to hire contractors to install for products for their clients. 

One of our Founders used to be one of those installation contractors who had a team that installed over 500MW of solar equipment over a period of 10 years. In this time he accepted many contracted jobs where products were sold purely based on the profit margin for the company. Many times the client suffered poor system performance, frequent breakdowns and other issues.

As a devout Catholic, he feels obligated to change the way solar PV systems are sold. Hence our company values are:


  • Restore integrity and honesty to the industry. 

  • Support our clients.

  • Help our clients save money.

  • Overcome wastage, and reduce carbon.

  • Provide a better cleaner environment for our future generations.

  • Look at what benefits our clients.

  • Offer financial support packages for clients who want a cleaner energy system without dipping into their cashflow.



We custom design each system based on the customer's usage, location and roof size. We use a wide range of products to assemble a system that is most suitable to our clients' needs. Whether their need is to reduce carbon production, or save on energy costs, or to produce a return from energy production. We are here to help and offer support.

Because we know our design will generate a better return on investment, we are willing to put money where our mouth is and fund the job and receive part of the return from energy generated. 

Please contact us for more information.

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