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Solar Battery Installation Sydney


Wind turbine. Heat pump. Solar. Battery, and more. We offer a total solution. 


Unlike other solar energy companies, we have our inhouse accredited installation team. We customise our design based on your usage, your roof space, and your desired outcome. In short, we offer tailor-made solutions when it comes to green energy.

How this benefits you is that you will ensure you are generating the maximum output electricity for your investment and save money on energy spend as well as the environment.

We understand your house is your sanctuary and your privacy at very important to us. That is why our team are hand-picked with that in mind so that you can be sure your experience will be free from any opportunistic behaviour. 

We are also very fortunate to be issued with $1.2 Million of investment funding from a well-known chamber of commerce consortium, provide us with financing for large commercial projects and PPAs (Power Purchasing Agreements). This funding gives us the advantage of long term income streams from our commercial clients, so we are well resourced to service our customers in the foreseeable future.


You save money in three ways: 

  1. A well designed and efficient system will save you on installation cost and provide more electricity production because we eliminated unwanted wastage. 

  2. A good solar system generates electricity that supports your usage, so instead of buying energy, you essentially grow your own electricity for your own use. No more buying electricity when the sun is up.

  3. Any excess electricity produced, we can either store in a battery for later use, or sell it back to your provider for money. Depending on who your provider is, you can get up to 21cents per kw of electricity you feed-in.


Did you know for our average solar production is 30kwh which is a reduction of 30kg of CO2 emissions? Multiply that by 365 which shows you how much CO2 emission you are helping our children's future environment. 

The combustion of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2), a major greenhouse gas (GHG), into the atmosphere, and there is strong evidence that the buildup of GHGs is the primary cause of the global warming that has occurred in recent decades.


By reducing the amount of carbon we produce you are doing your part to help our children with global warming. 

To put it in more visually, the electricity produced by an average system is equivalent to planting a tree every two days. 


We were able to help Sue reduce her electricity bill from $1200 a quarter down to $300 a quarter. 

We were able to generate 2.582MWh of electricity for Aussybaby Pty Ltd from their unused warehouse rooftop and that is $542.22 of revenue for doing nothing. 

We were also able to help Everton Constructions NSW Pty Ltd pre-sell 80% of their units by adding a 54KW system on their rooftop and the electricity generated to power the cooling tower and lights for the common area which reduce their strata levy.

Accredited Installer Certificate - 100 P
Network Member Certificate 100 Powerlink
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