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100 PowerLink Pty Ltd is a clean energy company providing integrated solutions for solar power generation, battery energy storage, hot water and heating systems for both residential and commercial customers.

Our business covers design, installation and commissioning of small to large-scale solar and battery systems, sales of state-of-the-art solar and hot water products such as PV panels, inverters, batteries, heat pump heaters, as well as after-sales services. In addition, we are also developing and investing in PPA (power purchase agreement) projects and virtual power plants (VPP) initiatives.

Our in-house Clean Energy Council (CEC) qualified installers have over 10 years of solar industry experience and have installed over 80,000 solar panels or more than 20 megawatts capacity.

Our patented Heating System and Energy Management System (EMS) can efficiently provide real-time monitoring and forecasting of the power generation and consumption of your solar power system, which can also be remotely controlled through your mobile devices.

With these underline capabilities, we are able to bring you the latest technologies in clean energy more efficiently and safely, giving you better return on investment and a better environment for all of us.

Our vision is to become an industry-leading technology and service company that provides integrated energy-saving, clean energy production and management solutions.

Our Story

We are the latest member of the solar family with plenty of experience in the industry. What we bring are new innovative thinking, design and products that set us apart from the rest. We use state-of-the-art algorithms to estimate energy production based on the weather forecast, geographic location, and seasonal changes.  Then, using the latest aerial imagery mapping technology, we can precisely determine how to maximise the use of your property or roof space by looking at property shading, the direction of roof facing, and any other factors that might affect energy production. This saves you time from showing us around the property and eliminates the uncertainty and possible cost variations during the installation stage.

A bigger systems don’t necessarily mean a better system for you. Paying for more capacity that doesn’t get used is like buying a work ute and not driving it. It depreciates and provides no significant return. We design your system based on your usage pattern and space available giving you maximum return on investment. 

Our technology goes beyond just design and implementation. Our patented Energy Management System (EMS) gives you instant updates through your mobile device on your power consumption and production forecast. What that means for you is the ability to choose the time you do your laundry or to heat your pool when it is at no cost to you.

Furthermore, our energy storage system is the most cost-effective way to store excess solar energy generated and powers up your property when the sun goes down. Together the system with our intelligent EMS can work to your benefit even when no energy is generated. Say the weather forecast reported a week without sunshine ahead, our system can automatically purchase and store electricity at the off-peak period at the lowest rate and subsequently power your property when it is the most expensive. 

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