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Why is the Jinko Tiger 390W the most innovative solar module in 2020?

3 key points

  • N-type solar cells at affordable cost

  • Tiling Ribbon technology + Half cut + 9 BB

  • Warranty and Service

N type solar cells --- why is it better than all P type cells ?

1. N-type cell has higher efficiency

Most of the panels nowadays are using P-type cells. The main difference between p-type and n-type solar cells is the number of electrons. A p-type cell usually dopes its silicon wafer with boron, which has one less electron than silicon (making the cell positively charged). An n-type cell is doped with phosphorus, which has one more electron than silicon (making the cell negatively charged). This is why Cheetah power class is 370W, while the Tiger power class is 390W, although they are made by Jinko and look similar.

2. N-type cell has much lower degradation

I guess you must be surprised by some LG panels. Although they have been on the roof for many years, the output is good. However, most P-type panels degrade very quickly, losing lots of power within 10 yrs even if they claim a 25 yrs performance warranty? This is because P-type panels have an inherited and unavoidable defect --- Boron Oxygen Complex. This is a defect commonly in P-type cells, as the dopant Boron is combined with Oxygen will the cells be manufactured, and it will stay in the solar cells.  Even the best P-type manufacturer can not eliminate this. 

How B2O defect affects P-type panel lifespan?

  • Once the panel is illuminated, it will lose up to 2% power in a couple of days.

  • Then the defect will become bigger and bigger like cancer, as long as they are illuminated.

  • Eventually, your panel is killed before the performance warranty time.

Luckily, N-type solar cells use phosphorus as dopant which means there are no B2O defects, no cancer in your panels. Your panel will have a very long and authentic power guarantee! This is why Jinko is confident to offer a 30 yrs performance warranty of 87.4%!

3. How competitive is Tiger N-type?

For years, N-type is regarded as a symbol of premium and class. The modules are highly-priced, for example, LG panels, Rec Alpha. 

All other P-type premium such as Qcells, Hyunday, Winaco and etc, around 10c/w ex cheaper but are still up there with the premium brand. 

However, with the efforts of Jinko and 100 Powerlink, we bring the cost of Jink Tiger 390W down to 30c/w ex cheaper than the premium brand.

This means, you just need to pay a little more on top of the normal 330kw 6.6kw deals, and you can get a "life long" bill buster panels on your roof.

Tiling Ribbon technology + Half cut + 9 BB --- What is it?

Jinko Tiger has 3 technology on its module manufacturing

  • 9 Bus bar: more bus bar, less series loss on the surface of the solar cell. More busbar, better efficiency. For example, a normal 330W has 5 busbar, an Lg panel has 12 busbars.

  • Half-cut technology: Improve performance under shading

  • Tiling Ribbon: Eliminate cell gap to increase power density --- more cells can be put in a module.

Together with these three technologies, Jinko Tiger has a better performance on the module manufacturing level

Long warranty & Service

Jinko Tiger 390W has the following warranty terms

  • 20 yrs product warranty

  • 30 yrs performance warranty

Jinko Australia local support centre is in Sydney. Easy to find them when you are in need!


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