Hybrid Technology
Hot Water System

Incredibly efficient and delivers continuous fresh clean hot water

Patented Australian Design

what is a Lead Tech Hybrid Hot water system?

It is a patented Australian design and the most efficient hot water system on that market that uses heat pump technology.

Most heat pumps use a small compressor unit with an electrical heating element booster in a pressurised water tank which uses much more energy and grows bacteria.

Our ECO series low carbon heat pump has NO ELECTRICAL HEATING ELEMENT and DOES NOT store pressurised hot water in its tank. Making it efficient, clean, and safe.

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So how does it produce hot water?

ECO series is 4 times more efficient than traditional electric water heaters.

We use heat pump technology that is suitable for both domestic and commercial application. Normally, Heat energy naturally transfers from warmer places to colder spaces. However, a heat pump can reverse this process, by absorbing heat from surrounding air and releasing it into water.

Our ECO series Hybrid systems are easy to install, incredibly efficient and offer the benefits of instantaneous and continuous hot water that is both fresh and clean. It is possible to combine this style of water heater with evacuated tube solar thermal collectors to radically improve an already efficient system even further, if you have space on the roof for the collectors to capture heat from the sun.

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fall in love with our features

Real time stats

- Heat pump efficiency can be accurately measured.
- Monitoring (smart phone) based software.
- Installations with (optional – low cost ) Thermal solar tube collectors will deliver even greater savings.

More Volume, Same footprint

Due to its unique structural design, the compact unit has a 27% higher capacity by volume compared to conventional cylindrical water tanks, while the floor space requirements are the same due to the safe low pressure design

Domestic Applications

Hot water, Spa/Pool/Spa Heating application

5 Year Warranty

- Outer Cabinet – Constructed from galvanised sheet metal with powder coating
- Inner tank – Constructed from marine grade stainless steel
- Heat exchange coil - Constructed from marine grade stainless steel
- Solar thermal collector structure

Solar Capable

The ECO compact system is integrated and comes standard as solar capable to allow for the addition of solar collectors to maximize cost savings. This is not possible with pressurized pump tank units.

Commercial Application

Centralised heating, Strata and apartment complexes, Commercial factory applcations


Up to 4 times more efficient than electric water heaters, that means you get the same amount of hot water at 1/4 the cost

Recycled Emission

As a by-product, heat pump emits large amounts of cold air, which can then simply be ducted into buildings or workshop to help with the air conditioners during summer.


It’s whisper quiet in operation means less intrusion on your site and less inconvenience to the others.


With Lead Tech compact heat pump water heating system, water purity is identical to that of the source as no sediment in the coil system can penetrate to the water


Rated Heating Capacity (kW)6.84.6
Rated Input Power (kW)2.01.15
Rated COP3.83.8
Rated Hot Water Delivery130L/h99L/h
Power Supply220V-240V 50Hz220V-240V 50Hz
Rated input current11A7.0A
Rated output water temperature (°C)5555
Max output water temperature (°C)6060
Pipe diameterDN20DN20
Noise (dB)≤50(dB)≤40(dB)
Electric shock protection classI class I class
Waterproof levelIPX4IPX4
Gross Weight (kg)138kg125kg
Net Weight (kg)130kg120kg
Running Weight (kg)590kg430kg
Product Dimension (mm)800x670x2050800X520X1850
Packaging Dimension (mm)820x680x2150820X530X2050
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