Lead Tech Hot Water System

About Lead Tech and Compliance

About Lead Tech and Compliance

Lead Tech is proudly Australian owned and operated and primarily markets its unique ambient temperature and solar enhanced heat pump and solar thermal products.

Our aim is to help Australian businesses and families lowering operating expenses and carbon emissions through our patented technology.

Lead Tech products are fully certified to Australian Standard (AS/NZS2712:2007) and Watermark (AS/NZS5200).

All products are extensively tested and manufactured under strict (ISO9002) and (AS2712:2007) guidelines.


Our hot water units fully comply with “Fair Trading Plumbing Industry Technical Note”, New Installation Requirements Of Temperature Control Devices. A tempering valve or thermostatic mixing valve is utilised at the time of installation, to ensure constant hot water supply temperature for the rooms.

Note : Marine grade stainless steel is used & watermarked for heat exchanger that heat the portable water. Our design does NOT use a pressure vessel & so eliminates the possibility of an over-heated sealed tank bursting.

In addition, Lead Tech heat pump hot water units are extensively tested for performance assessment to conforming to AS/NZS5125.1:2014, Standing Heat Loss Test to AS/NZS4692.1:2005(+A1) by NATA accredited laboratory and comply with those safety requirements of ISO5149-1993 and AS/NZS1677.2.

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