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When you purchase solar from us you’ll get an investment like no other solar company can offer. Our products are engineered and patented by our in-house team. We don’t only offer solar but also improved battery bank (power wall) systems with multiple battery technologies and a new inventive way to combine waste exhaust from your air-conditioning unit with solar to heat your hot water ( one the most power consuming appliances!) Find cost saving solutions locally with 100 Powerlink below.

Installation Guarantee

Every physical component of your system is covered by our installation warranty guarantee and our products warranty

First Class

20+ Years in the industry with Master Electricians to install your renewable solar, battery or hot water system

High End Solar Panels

Partnered with world-leading solar manufacturers our panels are top of the line using Mono PERC technology

Monitoring Performance

Our solar and hot water systems come with monitoring performance for our end users benefit

Our Partners

Driving technology for leading brands
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