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Power You Can Count On


Australian Solar Panel installation supplied and configured with a feed-in back to the grid to save you money and pay back the initial investment of the panels:

  •  3.7kW, 6.66kW or 13.3kW packages

  •  Tailor made packages available

  •  Rebates apply



Multiple Solar panel packages for different sized properties/homes. with integrated end user control.


We used advanced modelling software to plot, calculate and tailor your Solar panel setup to best reach peak efficiency.

LiFePo4 Lithium or Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery Bank included by big brands. 


Blackout-Proof your property with a solar installation that runs off-grid when needed.


Use battery storage to power your property or a backup generator.

Solar Package with on-grid / off-grid  inverter.

Never be left in the dark again.

About 100PowerLink

100 PowerLink Pty Ltd is a clean energy company providing integrated solutions for solar power generation, battery energy storage, hot water and heating systems for both
residential and commercial customers.

Solar Installation Sydney


We were able to help Sue reduce her electricity bill from $1200 a quarter down to $300 a quarter. 

Solar Company Sydney

Check out our finance packages.

All the Latest Updates

Solar PV semiconductor cell and their technologies are improving all the time. Learn the latest innovation and know your options.

Solar Power - Sell Back to Grid

Free Solar Energy
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